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Some of the measures to ensure the quality of forgings

   The content of the forgings quality inspection

    For the purpose of a quality inspection in 1: ensure the quality of forgings forging technology standards, to meet the product design and use requirements. Test memory includes: satin pieces of size, shape, surface quality and internal quality. Here lie the internal quality.
    According to the force of the parts, the important degree, working conditions, and don't ask, don't of material and metallurgy process, forging test according to different categories. Various industrial departments of forgings classification, the inspection items and the quality is not the same, some departments of forgings can be divided into three categories, some departments will forge: class is divided into four or five. C 1-8 is sodium mio structure, heat-resisting stainless steel forgings concave type inspection requirements.
    R surface inspection of the quality of different materials and different specifications forging a description of the content and the righteous measures:
    Material type don't ask, inspection items are different
    Forgings to general li, is taking the sample in a preliminary heat treatment state, the provisions of after heat treatment, testing mechanical properties, fracture and grain leather, etc. For austenitic steel, high temperature alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, alloy and copper alloy forgings, is in the final heat treatment state on the forging of direct sampling, testing mechanical properties and low power, etc.

    For ordinary steel silver pieces, room temperature tensile, impact of two experiments. For the high temperature alloy parts of high temperature alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, copper alloy forgings, generally does not make the impact test.

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