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Steel ball production need the several kinds of processes

      Small steel ball although small, but the manufacturing process of steel ball can many, let me introduce you to steel ball production need the several kinds of processes.

      Want to produce a single steel ball to pass, that a few process: first of all, stamping, and light steel ball, quenching steel ball, steel ball, appearance, and then hard lapping finished product packaging, cleaning, antirust processing of steel ball, steel ball, after the customs can leave factory, is very not easy.

      Of course want to produce high quality steel ball, we not only these processes, we produce the ball, pass steel ball automatic cleaning, and then steel ball surface testing (machine automatically weed out unqualified steel ball), automatic antirust processing, counting packaging, these a few respects are very important, is the key factor affecting the quality of steel ball. Steel ball surface testing is an indispensable process in the manufacturing process of steel ball. Yongchang steel ball, the introduction of domestic and foreign latest testing equipment, ensure the quality of the steel ball in the factory to ensure a high standard, the introduction of Germany ball appearance inspection can be mainly include steel ball surface scratch, rust, spots and so on the surface of the test. Welcome to visit yongchang ball to choose.

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