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The raw material is supplied from either wire or rod.  It is then cut to length and the width is a small percentage larger than the width of the finished ball.
The wire or rod is then fed through a header.  This cold forged process produces "slugs" at an incredibly high speed.  These rough shaped balls have a ring around the middle.  The next process is to remove this ring.

To remove the "ring" around the ball, the slugs are then flashed.  This flashing gives the ball a rough finish.

After flashing, the rough balls are then heat treated. This high temperature process hardens the ball.

After the ball is heat treated, the ball is then ground to the approximate diameter of the finished ball.

After the ball is ground to approximate size, the ball is then lapped.   This lapping process polishes the ball to the exact size required.  This gives the ball a shiney finish.

After the balls are removed from the lapping process the balls are inspected.  This is done mechanically and visually.  The balls are measured either through a fine tuned tapered roller or by a digital micrometer.  These devices are capable of measuring within millionths of an inch.  Once it is determined that the balls are within measured specifications, they are visually inspected through a high powered microscope.  Once they are approved by quality control, the balls are then packaged  and shipped to the customer.

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