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 Welcome to Tai'an Xinyuan Steel Ball

Established in 2005, and our company covering an area of around of 25,000 square meters. Our plants were divided into five areas for raw material, semi-final products, steel ball products, packing and warehouse. We own more than 300 sets of advanced production equipment and more than 20 sets of testing devices. So, our monthly output of steel balls reaches about 300 tons. Meanwhile, we have our own company name "XYB" for international business. Until now, more than 50% of Xinyuan steel balls are export to Korea, Japan, India, Russia, USA, Argentina, Brazial, German, Italy, etc...

Products materials include: chrome steel, carbon steel, stainless steel, plastic, copper, brass, ceramic, glass, and exotic alloys.

Our products are mainly used in applications, such as bearings, valves, ball joints, transfer units, pumps, oil and gas extraction, grinding and dispersion, sprays, conveyors, finger spinners, toys, etc.
Contact our friendly sales staff and join the thousands of customers who already enjoy the benefits of working with Tai'an Xinyuan.

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